Mi propio auto chapter 1 POWERPOINT

Mi propio auto chapter 1 STUDY GUIDE
Objective 1 NAME each picture- SAY it out loud.
Objective 2 SPELL each word correctly- WRITE it.
Objective 3 WRITE a summary of chapter 1 by using each picture in a sentence.
Objective 4 TELL a chapter 1 summary by using each picture in a sentence.

WRITTEN TEST: (objectives 2 and 3) Thursday October 28, 2010
ORAL TEST: (objectives 1 and 4) Friday October 29, 2010

Mi propio auto chapter 3 POWERPOINT

Mi propio auto chapter 4 POWERPOINT

Mi propio auto chapters 7-8


Welcome to the MI PROPIO AUTO project!! After reading Blaine Ray's short novel in Spanish my students usually make a movie trailer to promote the reading of the book! This can be completed in many different ways. You could video and edit real student actors or use some other web 2.0 tool. Below just a small taste of what can be done. Please send and share your ideas here on this wiki!!

  1. Read book!
  2. Make a movie trailer about the book.
  3. Watch watch watch movie trailers and note what compositional elements are used.
  4. Research and include the basic compositional elements of a trailer. (There are 3 basic elements!)

The trailer below does NOT CONTAIN THE BASIC ELEMENTS of a movie trailer. Can you explain why?

GoAnimate.com: Mi propio auto trailer by knicholas

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!

3 act structure
cast run